5 Astounding Strategies to Maximise Your Time

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There is no denying the truth; the saying “Time is gold” is wise, but in reality time is far more valuable than gold or any other most precious commodity in the land of the living. Time is life and life is time; any portion of it you misspend will most likely come back to haunt you forever.


Time can never seem enough for anyone even if you there are thirty hours in a day, you still won’t be able to get enough of it. Somehow, some things will crop up and you will end up wanting more time.


Time is a precious commodity, more valuable than gold and money put together; once it’s gone, it cannot be recovered.


when you are busy, time flies swiftly; but when you are not, time seems to be at a standstill. This is especially true when you fritter away time because there is nothing meaningful to do at that moment.


How do you maximise the use of your time?


Consider the following strategies:


1 Cross-check your schedule at the start of the day


Review your daily plan in its entirety; you will notice that portions of your day may be hectic, while some may not be too frenzied. Rejig and distribute your activities evenly throughout the day.


Keep notepads handy so you can keep track of your schedule. It also helps to remind you of your tasks and commitments. Notepads and schedule notebooks help you prevent overlapping of activities. In case of overlaps, determine which one task or activity should take priority over the other.


After strategically spreading your daily schedule and you still feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks to be accomplished, you may have to forego some of them. Re-schedule other tasks for another day or delegate them entirely to capable assistants and staff members.


What you are doing is very much like cleaning a closet. When your closet is in order, you avoid being accidentally hit on the head by a falling object upon opening the door. Also, if your closet is in order, you will likely find spare spaces to put other useful items.


2 Request a re-schedule in advance


This is especially true when someone else will be affected.


Show courtesy by doing it in advance and apologise for any inconvenience that will arise from the abrupt change of plans.


This will give ample time to the person concerned to adjust to the new schedule.


Who knows? You might be doing the other parties a favour; they may be in the same predicament as you are, and they might not be aware that you feel the same way unless you make it known to them.


3 Be creative


Time is an invaluable element when simple, common-sensical creativity can be put into practice.


For example, you need to do the laundry but at the same time, you have to buy stock up on groceries. You might go about both tasks by setting your washing machine to do the laundry while you step out to the groceries store.


Manage your time in the grocery well enough to get back home at the nick of time to finish the laundry.


You can even do the cooking at the same time by using a slow cooker to cook the food by itself. For the ladies, you can even pick up the kids from school after shopping before making your way back home.


Before you know it, you have just combed through four tasks as “one”.


All it takes is a little scheduling creativity.


4 Be calm and follow through with the plan


it is natural for mistakes to happen. However, a first time task doesn’t have to be blunder-strewn.


If there is no clear direction on how things should be done, take the time to plan it out before you take action (that is what planning is invented for). This saves time, energy, and money.


Avoid making unnecessary eleventh hour changes to plans at the point of execution; it is a proven time waster and potent productivity killer.



5 Have an alternative or a backup plan in place


Only go the mapped-out, alternative route when it becomes abundantly clear your task cannot be accomplished through the earlier planned pathway.


Choose the better of two or more alternatives. If there is only one option, do it just the same.


Some tasks may appear difficult when you think about it, but not necessarily when put into action. The same thing is true the other way round.


Time is transient and an immense commodity you can never have enough of; you are esteemed wise when you choose to maximise it.


Do you know of an important time-saving strategy that today’s technology-savvy, busy professionals can implement to boost productivity? Now is your turn to have a say.

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