Incredible Attitude of Exceptional Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurial leaders do not have a mindset that adapts to failure. Things go wrong, of course they do, but exceptional entrepreneurs do not call them “failures”; instead they refer to them as “glitches, mistakes, bungles, setbacks, roadblocks, etc…” – but never failure.


When one such entrepreneurial leader was asked about the hardest decision he has ever made, he answered quite simply by saying he did not know what a hard decision was!


An entrepreneur will approach decision-making with the idea that there is a very strong likelihood he would be wrong; yet this does not dissuade nor debar him from forging ahead. In fact, contrariwise, he just does the best he can and worries about handling obstacles as they surface one step at a time.


Conversely, realise beforehand that you will make mistakes; make them as quickly as you can in order to learn, grow and move ahead.


A good entrepreneurial leader does not view mistakes as negative or irrevocable; he presses on and is never afraid to implement new strategies that can, potentially, deliver results. He goes on with the belief that a pretty useful lesson has been learned, and fully-convinced that it was not at an excessive cost.


Realistically, if you are going to matter in this life, you are going to make mistakes; your very own fair share of errors in order to complete your growth process and attain maturity and success.


You need to convert your mistakes into valuable learning tools and avoid making the same mistakes.


Exceptional entrepreneurial leaders know and appreciate the value of “intuition”. While you should not resort to blatant gambling and uncalculated missteps, there is something to be said about your “gut” feeling in a business situation.


Very often business professionals become so engrossed in systems and checks-and-balances that they forget about that “gut” instinct they had when they started – which contributed in no small measure to their early success and growth.


While not strictly logical, intuition does draw on a combination of experience, knowledge, and analysis as well as a lot of “gut” information you may have gotten from a variety of other areas of life – it is unwise to dismiss it out of hand.


You become a strong leader in your business by actually “practicing” leadership.


It is not a course you put in for at a business college; rather, it is learned and acquired in the school of life as you progress in business. Literally, it cannot be bought, transferred or inherited.


As an entrepreneurial leader, you have to set standards and even higher standards for your own behaviour. You must do this because appearances are, sometimes, more important that facts.


Consider for a moment, that as an entrepreneur managing a startup, you are planning to approach your local bank for a loan; you know that it is expedient that you provide a well thought out and concise business plan, with all the projections for the use of the capital you intend to borrow and the repayment of the same.


You learned all that from those seminars you attended a while ago before you kick-started your entrepreneurship career, but there is something you were not taught in those seminars!  What about “presentation” or is it “delivery”!?


I do not mean the presentation of your business plan; we all know that must be well delivered and captivating as well.


What I am talking about is YOU!


Do you possess the appearance of leadership? Do you project a confident appearance of a successful entrepreneur?


Today, you may not yet have the faintest idea how you are going to pay for that advertising bill that comes due on the 15th, but you are not going to give that banker that information!


Do you have any pertinent strategy that startup and small business founders and co-founders alike can gainfully implement to cultivate exquisite, entrepreneurial leadership mentality in the cut-throat competitive, modern business environment? Now is your turn to have a say!

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