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In 1990, there were approximately 8 channels to communicate with customers. Today, there are approximately 43.

It’s good news in that now any startup can attract attention, not just the ones with the biggest budgets. And you’ll be rewarded based on the substance of your message. The challenge is to choose the channels that will get you the most traction… while taking care not to spread yourself too thin.

Chances are you’ll learn more about the channels your customers frequent the most in your JTBD interviews, and that’s a great place to start.

(A bad place to start, by the way, is to listen to the advice from idiot marketers out there who tell you that you MUST be here or there or wherever the hell the channel of the month hour happens to be.)

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The truth is, you can have a significant on- and offline presence and build a platform that delivers a great ROI by ignoring most of the channels.

So, how do you choose the right one? Easy. Choose the one your customers use.

How do you know which ones they’re using? Ask them.

Please don’t guess. It rarely works. And if you don’t have enough time, interest and energy to get on the phone with your customers or take them out to lunch, you probably shouldn’t be in business anyway.

I was recently working with a few clients who resisted every suggestion I made to do research into the thoughts and behaviors of their ideal clients. Here’s how those convos commonly went:

Client: “I already know what our customers want. I know what they think. I know what they do. I’ve been working with them for 12 years.”

Me: “Great. I’d love to see the research you’ve done over the years.”

Client: “The point is, what should we create?”

Me: “If I could just see the research…”

Client: “No, no, no. What should we write in our emails?”

Me: “I have no idea. If you’ve already done all of the ‘research’ or at least you already know everything the research would tell you, then you should know exactly what they want you to create, exactly what words they use to describe their struggles, and where they go to find the answers.”

…And now I’m working at Copy Hackers. Because trying to convince clients to look outside themselves for answers is very difficult, sadly – so now I’m going to work to convince YOU. Because you will uncover new types of content to create and the exact channels to serve when you put a priority on listening to your current and potential customers through JTBD interviews.

Get to love customer research. Or find somebody who does. It’ll make everything you do in your marketing easier.

Which brings us back to which channels you should use.

This infographic from Web Marketing Group suggests 3 ways to determine which channel(s) to focus your content efforts on:

  1. By who you’re targeting and where they’re already hanging out.
  2. By type of channel (owned, paid and earned).
  3. By time and money.

Find out more from the infographic below:

How To Choose The Right Media Channel for Your Content Infographic

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