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Video support in email is quickly becoming the hottest topic in email marketing circles. HTML5 Video is supported by 58% of email clients, Holy crap!

Video Email Marketing offers a return 280% higher than traditional emails.

Stand out of the crowd

Using video in email gives you the first mover advantage and helps you stand out from the competition.

Increased ROI

Research has shown that video email receives a better response in terms of open rates and very high click-through rates compared to traditional emails. 

Better Branding and Search Results

Using video email leads to increased website traffic, increased conversion rate, brand awareness, and more referrals in turn.

Matches Human Touch

Videos with quality content and that “human touch” adds to strategies. In fact, they can even replace physical salesmen.

Cross Selling Opportunity

Adding strategic clickable links can direct the recipient to certain web pages or video channels, thus enabling cross-selling or up-selling opportunities for your business.

Video Creates Buzz

Ease of distribution over the internet allows video email to go viral.

Video has humongous scope

Relevant, educational, engaging and problem solving videos can consistently motivate the interest and involvement of employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.

Let the following infographic take you on the remaining journey:

7 Business Advantages of Video Email Marketing Infographic

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