How To Significantly Growth Hack Your Self-Esteem

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Be determined to improve your self-esteem, put in all the necessary hustle, sacrifice, make your fair share of growth-enabling mistakes and with consistency, you are well on your way to undisputable, great achievements. It’s that straight forward!


Do not let allow low self-esteem ruin your life. The way you think about yourself determines how you interact with others, and how others will treat you.


What are some examples of low esteem aspects in your mind that needs improvement?


1 Nothing you do ever seem to go right.

2 You believe most people do not like you.

3 You believe or feel you are not attractive enough.

4 You choose something and it always turns out to be the worst one.

5 You are afraid to converse with others out of fear that what you say might not make sense.

6 You feel swallowed up in a whirlpool of frustration.


What really is the matter with you?


I mean, actually, what the heck is wrong with your thoughts?


Quit thinking the world is closing in on you and get determined to achieve what you desire.


Stop blaming other people for your misfortunes.


The world is not your problem; you are your own problem.


I counsel you starting this moment, begin the process of self-esteem improvement. Think the right way and be determined to win, and win you will.


Just remember that success never comes on a platter of gold; that is why determination is her counterpart, nay her midwife.


Often times, some get to the brink of success and in the face of just a little, tiny last minute setback or disappointment, they lose heart, give up rather easily and resort to self-sabotage; such are sure fire victims of low self-esteem syndrome.


Who knows what great things might have been had they persevered just a little bit more?


Without a high enough self-esteem, your life could become boring, a living hell and inevitably take a plunge into the abyss of mediocrity and non-achievement.


Change your thinking starting right now and begin to see yourself on top of the world. Take a very special, concerted effort to be what you really want and ought to be.


Do not let anyone tell you anymore that you cannot.


You have to seriously decide whether to remain in a wretched state of low self-esteem, or acquire potent self-esteem makeover and develop a tough, good character and boost your self-image.


The origin of low self-esteem syndrome


Low self-esteem syndrome can begin as early as at childhood when children are told repeatedly and made to believe that they are worthless.


Their self-confidence is eroded and dealt a cruel blow before they even get a proper chance at life; and they succumb to the dangerous idea that they can never achieve success in anything that they do.


They were picked on, laughed at, pushed around, called ugly names, and treated with disdain.


Little wonder most grow up full of resentment.


If that was your experience, it is high time you cut yourself loose from that mindset and submit to self-esteem improvement.


Start reading about the life of successful people and you will soon discover that many of them endured similar imperfect upbringing as you did; some could not even complete elementary education, majority were needy and homeless – you will learn a lot.


Many decided to override their low self-esteem and improve their attitude, whatever it took. They are now some of the greatest men and women that have ever walked the face of the earth.


Low self-esteem has never helped anyone and it sure will not help you.


It can only drive you into depression, anger, grudge, fear, resentment and all the other innumerable evils that it generates.


Re-programme your thinking and control your mind. You must believe that you are worth much more than you think or you will remain at the foot of the ladder and never make the attempt to climb it.


Do not fritter away your life with feelings of inadequacies; instead, think of ways to go about self-esteem improvement.


Success is yours, just reach out and grasp it!


How would you counsel a client suffering from low self-esteem attacks? Now is your turn to have a say!

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